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Ficlet: Four Tires, Four Walls (PG, Sam/Dean, 500 words)

[Four Tires, Four Walls (PG, Sam/Dean, 500 words)]

When the war is over, there are more soldiers than they started out with and not enough evil to keep them all busy.

Dean thinks they ought to buy a house.

Sam blinks at Dean when he first makes the suggestion, shakes his head and says something about meeting up with Jo and Ellen, checking out the new Roadhouse. Dean turns the car north and heads for Nebraska. They don’t talk about it again for another two months.

It’s at Jo’s wedding to a boy named Matthew that Dean brings it up again. “Sammy, I’m tired.”

Sam sighs, watches Matt and Jo walk back down the aisle after ‘I do.’ “I always thought southern Missouri was pretty.”

Dean nods and Sam can see the smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Yeah, somewhere near a lake might be nice.”

They find an old cabin on a few acres of overly-hilly land, covered in trees and all manner of animal life. It sits right on the corner of a lake that stretches for miles, reflects the sky back on itself like a mirror. It’s about two miles off of 13, just north of Kimberling City. Things are so green there, they shine like emeralds.

Sam still itches to be on the road, to right all his past wrongs, but there’s no one he’s wronged more than his own brother, so he takes a deep breath of fresh Ozark air and smiles at Dean’s giddiness.

They make a phone call to Bela, ask her to sell a few items they don’t need or want anymore. The market’s not as good these days, she says, but two days later she calls back with an offer that is more than what they needed. “Just promise me I’m not going to have to shoot you again, Bela,” Dean says into the phone when he accepts.

Sam can hear Bela yelling back at Dean, but he doesn’t know what she says. In the end, they get the money and no one gets shot. The Re/Max agent lifts an eyebrow when they offer to pay in cash, but doesn’t say anything else. She’s been desperate to get rid of this place for months. Too many strange, unexplained things, too many weird noises and horrific accidents in its past to attract any sane buyers, and she’s not going to scare off the few willing to lay down the cash, literally, on the beast of a property.

She practically throws the keys at them and runs away, but it only takes Sam and Dean two days to get rid of the poltergeist keeping residence at the cabin. They’d have done it regardless, but now it means something. Now they throw sleeping bags on the floor of the living room and watch orange flames dance in the fireplace as they fall asleep.

It’s theirs. Sam and Dean’s home, and they haven’t had one that’s made out of four walls and not four tires since before Sam can really remember.
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